Top 5 YouTubers every Data Science Enthusiast should follow

Data Science had been dubbed as the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” by a Harvard Business Review article in 2012. This statement continues to be extremely relevant. In 2020, the pandemic has illustrated how unexpected situations can bring the world to a grinding halt. Technological solutions form the backbone of our world today and navigating the large amount forms an integral part of these solutions. Every in-demand job gives rise to a plethora of bootcamps and certification courses. These courses can be difficult to manage with fixed timelines and high budgets. For beginners, it can be difficult to commit. Here are some of the best YouTube channels to follow those struggling to start. These are free, and the content ranges from basic to advanced mathematics, projects to follow along, etc.

  1. 3Blue1Brown

This is a channel that focuses on different mathematical topics. The playlists rightly have “Essence of” in their title. They can be used both to learn the basic mathematical concepts required or for a revision by those who have been out of touch for some time. Videos on interesting mathematical phenomena are a bonus.

2. StatQuest with Josh Stramer

This channel covers statistic fundamentals in detail that will come in handy with data visualization and analysis. Tutorials for basic machine learning models are available in Python and R along with detailed explanations of the working. Some fun personal videos can help you unwind too.

3. Data Professor

A biologist turned data scientist, he has various helpful tips that can help beginners navigate common data science tools efficiently. He uploads almost weekly and is an obligatory follow for students who may be interested in bioinformatics.

4. Sentedex

A list of resources for machine learning and data science remains incomplete without this YouTuber. He has produced more than thousands of tutorials across a wide range of topics. Some of his playlists include projects such as building a chatbot using python and many more, completely free of cost. One however needs to be at least at an intermediate level in python to understand the code and to address any changes that be necessary due to a difference in versions.

5. Ken Jee

The content on this channel is no less than a gift for data science enthusiasts. It ranges from his journey to advise for budding professionals. He discusses the pros and cons of the various possible paths to becoming a data scientist, enabling his viewers to make informed choices based on their unique conditions. Most importantly, he reviews resumes, offers improvement tips, and advises his subscribers on how to customize their projects. You can also join his discord for a community of data science enthusiasts.

In the world of unorthodox education, follow these YouTubers for guidance in your journey to be a data scientist.

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